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#PaperHeart #BearHeart #LionHeart" Cards

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#17 Vidcast "Hearts - "Paper Heart" 

#18 Vidcast "Hearts - "Bear Heart"

and #19 Vidcast "Hearts - "Lion Heart"

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Friday 15th March 2019

Paper crafts can be the most fun and adorable for our Children & Grandchildren, and this certainly goes for these 3 paper heart crafts.

They're easy to make and, as they're made from "Hearts", perfect for Valentines day or any other day of the year.

Today's 3 creations are "Paper Heart" &
"Bear Heart" & "Lion Heart".

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Let's take a look at the steps of the first of three crafts to do...

1: "Paper Heart", you'll need...
- paper, glue (Prit stick), scissors, card, pencil & thin thread

Step 1 : Draw a large heart shape on the card and cut it out. You'll be using this as a template for hearts.

Step 2 : Cut the 4 hearts out that you'll need to make one 3D paper heart.

Step 3 :  Fold the four cards in half

Step 4 : Glue the thin thread on one of the heart shapes, straight down the middle.

Step 5 : Apply glue on on half of the heart (the one with string) and glue on the second heart.

Step 6 : Repeat for the last two hearts

Step 7 : Apply glue both on the third heart glued and on and on the other half of the first heart; glue them both together.

Step 8 : Hang

NOTE: You can have each heart as an ornament individually or they can be connected as a wonderful heart garland.

Now for the steps of the second of three crafts to do...

2: "Bear Heart", you'll need...
- paper, glue (Prit stick), scissors, card & pencil

Step 1 : Draw the template: - If your Children & Grandchildren are going to colour the template parts, I recommend they colour it before cutting. If they will use it as stencils to trace on construction paper… Cut away!

Step 2 : Cut out all the shapes

Step 3 : Fold the two joined hearts into a card..

Step 4 : Apply glue on the part of the “ears” heart and stick them on the back of the "Bear Heart card".

Step 5 : Turn the card over and apply glue on the “snout” & stick it on the card.

Step 6 : Open up the card and write in your note e.g. "I love you bear-y much"

Step 7 : Add two googly eyes or draw the eyes on the card and it's all done.

Now for the steps of the third & final of three crafts to do...

3: "Lion Heart", is really easy and a quick one which makes it a great project for your family, you'll need...
- paper, glue (Prit stick), scissors, card, pencil & thread & googly eyes or black marker to draw the eyes with.

Step 1 : Draw the template: - the middle sized heart will be the head. We choose yellow color for it - the large 2 hearts the mane & the smallest heart is the nose.

Step 2 : Cut out all the shapes

Step 3 : Fold the mane hearts in half, making the heart shaped card.

Step 4 : Stick on the head & the nose on the head

Step 5 : Draw a pair of eyes or stick on a pair of googly eyes.

Step 6 : Add your personal note inside the card.

I hope your children and/or Grandchildren like making the "Paper Heart" & "Bear Heart" & "Lion Heart" and find the Step-by-Step useful and it's enjoyable to create.

Are You ready to make one, two or all three yourself?

Let’s do it.

If you have a go at creating your own "Paper Heart" & "Bear Heart" & "Lion Heart" cards, do share your feedback, positive and/or negative, in the comments.

It would also be nice to see what your children and/or Grandchildren thought about creating their own "Paper Heart" & "Bear Heart" & "Lion Heart" Cards


Thank You!

Disclaimer: I don't have any relationship (financial or in exchange for services) with any of the items that I post. 

"I will post about items that I either like creating myself and/or have found them to inspire my Grandchildren to create, adapt, enhance what I have done."

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