Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Another Easter Bunny/Rabbit

#21 Vidcast "Another Easter Bunny"

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A 2019 post

Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Today's Craft is for Easter again
(YES! Another Rabbit/Bunny...)

Today's creation "Another Easter Bunny" involves designing your own Face and any extras you want to add...

The "Easter Bunny" can have any message you would like - e.g. I'd write something like this...

"I met a little rabbit onceA hopping on his wayI said, "Where are you going on such a lovely day?"He said with just the slightest frown,"Don't hinder me I pray!I'm taking round the Easter EggsBecause it's EASTER DAY"

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Let's take a look at the steps to make the "Easter Rabbits"...

1: ""Easter Bunny", you'll need...
- paper, glue (Pritt stick), scissors, card & pencil

Step 1 : Draw the Head, Body, Hand & Foot

NOTE: As always, you can make as many different templates as you like

Step 2 : Cut the "Easter Bunny's" foot out (at least 2) and stick them on the body

Step 3 : Cut the "Easter Bunny's" hands out (at least 2) and stick them on the arms of the body

Step 4 : Cut out the Head and Pink heart shaped chest and glue them on the body

Step 5 : Last, but not least, it's down to your imagination. Add the inner ears, nose, eyes (I used wobbly ones), mouth etc. It's very much up to you what you add....and that's it, mine looked like this! 

I hope that your children and/or Grandchildren like making the "Easter Rabbit/Bunny" and find the Step-by-Step useful and enjoyable to make."

Ready to make one, two or more yourself? 

Let’s do it.

If you have a go at creating your own "Easter Rabbit/Bunny" do share your feedback, positive and/or negative, in the comments. 

It would also be nice to see what your children and/or Grandchildren thought about creating their own "Easter Rabbit/Bunny"


Thank You!

Disclaimer: I don't have any relationship (financial or in exchange for services) with any of the items that I post. 

"I will post about items that I either like creating myself and/or have found them to inspire my Grandchildren to create, adapt, enhance what I have done."

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