Vidcasts/Craft Posts 2019

Below is a list of posts 
that I've made during 2019 
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Vidcasts/Craft Posts 2019
Disclaimer: I don't have any relationship (financial or in exchange for services)
with any of the items that I post. 
  1. I've Made A  Tigger (24th February 2019)
  2. What I did before this blog (25th February 2019)
  3. What did I find in the Garden?  (26th February 2019)
  4. 12th Day of Christmas (26th February 2019)
  5. Shark & Owl "Cootie Catchers"/"Fortune Tellers" (28th February 2019)
  6. Tigger "Animal Envelope" (2nd March 2019)
  7. "Dinosaur " a 3D image (7th March 2019)
  8. "Owl Craft" a Greeting Card, Photograph Sharer etc. (7th March 2019)
  9. "Mothering Sunday" Greeting Card (9th March 2019)

"I will post about items that I either like creating myself and/or have found them to inspire my Grandchildren to create, adapt, enhance what I have done."

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